Outdoorkitchen - Buying guide

Welcome to our buying guide! This guide is designed to give a simple explanation of the differences between the types of outdoor kitchens and what you need to think about before making a purchase. It also provides tips to make it easier for you to choose the right outdoor kitchen for you.
Regardless how far along you are in the process of planning your ideal outdoor kitchen, whether you already have an outdoor kitchen in mind that you are interested in or if you are starting an idea from scratch we hope that this guide will help make the rest of the process as smooth as possible. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team! Our experts will be happy to assist you!

7 important considerations when buying an outdoor kitchen

So where to begin? As you start planning your outdoor kitchen, it might seem like there’s a whole jungle of information and facts to wade through. So it’s a good idea to have a guide to help you. Here are our seven top tips for what you should think about before you buy an outdoor kitchen:

1. Planning! It is essential to plan carefully, especially if you’re building an outdoor kitchen. Key questions to ask yourself are how will you be using your outdoor kitchen, what features do you want it to have and where are you going to place it. Consult our “Building an outdoor kitchen” guide for tips on where to place your kitchen.

2. Decide which type of outdoor kitchen you want. Do you want to construct the foundation for the kitchen yourself and then build the products in? Or do you want a ready-to-use outdoor kitchen delivered to your home? Find out more about the various options in the section below.

3. Materials! Choose an outdoor kitchen made of materials that will withstand the elements. Make sure that all parts of the outdoor kitchen are made of the right material. Some of the outdoor kitchens on the market feature screws and joints of an inferior quality. As a result, these parts rust.

4. The grill is the heart of an outdoor kitchen. Take your time when choosing a grill that is just right for you and your needs. Gas grill, charcoal grill or kamado? You decide!

5. A worktop is important if you want to be able to prepare an entire meal outdoors. Choose an outdoor kitchen that serves your needs.

6. Are you planning on having electricity and running water? If you are not planning to place your outdoor kitchen against the house, contact a qualified plumber and electrician!

7. Cover your outdoor kitchen completely to protect it from bad weather, especially during winter. Invest in a robust cover that can withstand all the elements. Or choose a free-standing outdoor kitchen that you can simply wheel into the garage before winter arrives.

To find out what else you need to think about before building your outdoor kitchen, go to Building an outdoor kitchen If you have any questions or need advice or help, please feel free to contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist!

Which outdoor kitchen is ideal for you?

When spring is approaching and it’s time to get barbecuing, why not move the entire kitchen outdoors? For many people, cooking is an everyday pleasure. But standing in a hot kitchen while the rest of the family is enjoying the beautiful weather outside in the garden doesn’t always appeal. On those occasions, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect answer!

So once you’ve decided to invest in an outdoor kitchen, how do you find the one that’s best for you? Outdoor kitchens can be built in many different ways, so you have plenty of options to suit your specific needs and wishes. We give you a choice of two types of outdoor kitchen: built-in and/or free-standing.

Built-in outdoor kitchen

If you’re thinking of building an outdoor kitchen from scratch, then you should look at a built-in kitchen. You design the layout of your outdoor kitchen yourself and choose the materials to suit your taste and style. We have all the products you need to build into your outdoor kitchen, which you can make as simple or as comprehensive as you want.

A classic outdoor kitchen comprises a grill, a side burner (for boiling or frying side dishes) and one or more storage cabinets. Note! Don’t forget to buy a vent panel. Ventilation is essential in your built-in outdoor kitchen. If you fancy doing more in your outdoor kitchen, the options are endless. Read more about our various built-in outdoor kitchen packages.

Free-standing outdoor kitchen

If you can’t wait to start cooking outdoors, you should be looking for a free-standing outdoor kitchen! Free-standing modules are versatile and the components can easily be assembled, disassembled and changed. Select the modules that match your needs to simply build your outdoor kitchen.

If you want help putting your dream outdoor kitchen together, take a look at our range of complete modular packages. They are all equipped with wheels to make it easy for you to move the outdoor kitchen in and out as you need it. Find out more about our various free-standing outdoor kitchen packages.

Design your outdoor kitchen in the right garden setting
Design your outdoor kitchen in the right garden setting
Are you finding it hard to picture the finished result or are you unsure which outdoor kitchen is right for your home? Not to worry! Using our customised 3D tool, you can visualise, plan and build your outdoor kitchen in the right garden setting all in your own good time. Combine modules and features that suit your needs and wishes using this simple tool. Our 3D tool is here for you to get started on designing your outdoor kitchen.

The various parts of an outdoor kitchen

Whichever type of outdoor kitchen you choose, it needs to be filled with an array of features... and there are certainly plenty of options to choose from. We have tried to make it as simple as possible here by describing the essential parts of an outdoor kitchen.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about outdoor kitchens

Which brand should I choose?
When you have decided what type of outdoor kitchen you want it’s time to choose a distributor. For free-standing outdoor kitchens we offer solutions at different price points from Myoutdoorkitchen, Swedish Skeldervik and American Bull. If you are more interested in a built-in outdoor kitchen you’ll also find highclass solutions from Myoutdoorkitchen Built-in series. In our range you’ll only find outdoor kitchens from specialist and experienced distributors that guarantees quality outdoor kitchens in durable material. You can find more information about our different brands under our brands page.

Which material should I choose?
Which material you choose is up to you, but it is important that the products you place in your outdoor kitchen are made of durable materials. For this reason, most of our products are engineered from 304 grade SS steel. 304 grade SS steel is approved for contact with food and is the best material for outdoor kitchens. It is resistant to corrosion in fresh water and can withstand temperatures of up to 925 degrees. Since it is not magnetic, it does not attract dirt and particles and is therefore easy to keep clean. This makes it ideal for use in kitchens and settings where demands on hygiene are high. You can read more about different steel types in our steel guide.

Where should I place my outdoor kitchen?
Where you want to place your outdoor kitchen is entirely up to you but it may be a good idea to place the outdoor kitchen in connection, or close to the house. Placing the outdoor kitchen near the house makes it easier to get access to both electricity and water. You can find more information on what you should think about before building an outdoor kitchen and where the best place is to build it under our guide Building an outdoor kitchen.