Steel guide - The right type of steel for your outdoor kitchen

Since outdoor kitchens are located outdoors, the choice of materials is all the more important. Most outdoor kitchens are made of stainless steel which is less prone to rusting than other types of steel such as carbon steel. When buying your outdoor kitchen, it's important to know what grade of steel it's made from. Different types of stainless steel differ depending on the chromium content and other substances mixed in. This mixture in turn affects the resistance of the different types of steel to rust.

Different types of stainless steel

Most stainless steel outdoor kitchens on the market are made of 430 SS steel, which is suitable for outdoor use, has some resistance to rust and is a wallet-friendly option. Most of our outdoor kitchens are made of 304 SS steel, a grade of steel that provides better resistance to rust and has a longer lifespan. This is because about 10% of the steel consists of nickel - a relatively expensive element that makes 304 SS steel slightly more expensive than 430 SS steel but raises its quality considerably.

Why choose an outdoor kitchen made of 304 SS steel?

• Longer life and higher quality than other steel types

• Non-magnetic - does not attract dirt and particles and is easy to clean

• Easier to maintain than e.g. 430 SS steel which can rust in just a few months if you don't take care of it properly

• Resistant to weather and wind

• Greater resistance to rust and corrosion than other steel types

• Approved for contact with food

• Withstands temperatures up to 925 degrees

Please remember the following! No type of steel is completely immune to rust. Whichever grade of steel you choose, it is important to take good care of your outdoor kitchen. In our maintenance guide you can read more about how to best take care of your outdoor kitchen.