Building an outdoor kitchen

Welcome to our guide for building an outdoor kitchen!
Welcome to our guide for building an outdoor kitchen!
Integrate/Build in your grill and compliment it with a side burner, sink or storage to create a complete outdoor kitchen. A custom-made outdoor kitchen that will make cooking outside more fun and become a delightful space to gather friends and family during the summer.
Are you thinking about building an outdoor kitchen in your garden or on your patio?
When you build an outdoor kitchen planning is essential to achieve the best result possible. Building an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult and for the handy, there are loads of outdoor kitchen solutions to take inspiration from when building your own. In our range for built-in outdoor kitchens you’ll find everything you need to build a thoroughly thought-out outdoor kitchen. Choose freely between different functions, we have everything from built-in LPG grills, charcoal grills, side burners, outdoor refrigerators to sink & faucets and bar accessories. Or why not choose one of our complete built-in outdoor kitchen packages.
Building an outdoor kitchen - what should I think about?
So that you can get started with your planning process we have a few tips and tricks we’d love to share with you! Do you have any thoughts or further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We’re happy to help through phone or email.

Right placement of an outdoor kitchen

When you’ve decided to build an outdoor kitchen the next question is - where should you place it? Naturally the answer is up to you and where you think it will fit the best, but it may be a good idea to place the outdoor kitchen in connection, or close to the house. Placing the outdoor kitchen near the house makes it easier to get access to both electricity and water. If you place the outdoor kitchen in close proximity to the house the person cooking is also protected from unwanted wind. Another tip is to place the outdoor kitchen adjacent to a greenhouse. In addition to giving you protection from the wind you'll then also have your own grown produce close at hand!

Protect your outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is often exposed to all kinds of weather. Having a roof over the outdoor kitchen is a good way to reduce the maintenance needed and it also ensures that you can use the kitchen when the weather conditions aren’t ideal. Be careful, however, not to place the grill too close to the ceiling, as it will easily become blackened. If your outdoor kitchen isn’t placed underneath a roof, pergola or some other type of protection we recommend that you cover up the outdoor kitchen or the grill with a suitable protective cover when it’s not in use. A decent quality cover reduces maintenance time and extends the life of the outdoor kitchen.

Optimizing Outdoor Kitchen Storage
You can never have too much storage in a kitchen outdoors, think practically and build-in storage with shelves when you draw up your outdoor kitchen. Sufficient storage allows you to keep all your BBQ utensils close at hand so you don’t need to run in and get them. You choose the style of storage you prefer, open and accessible or built-in with openable doors and drawers in stainless steel.

Running water in your outdoor kitchen

Running water is not a must in an outdoor kitchen, but it’s very handy to have it available. If you are unable to access both the hot and cold water for your outdoor kitchen, a simple solution is to install a sink, connect the garden hose and put a bucket underneath. Keep in mind that it might be good to have the ability to turn off the water during the winter.

Electricity in your outdoor kitchen

Having access to electricity in your outdoor kitchen is very nice. It allows you to install a fridge next to the kitchen, you can use various kitchen appliances and you can install lighting. To have easy access to electricity, it is advantageous to place the outdoor kitchen adjacent to the house.

Built-in outdoor kitchen - which material should I go for?

The basis of your outdoor kitchen may for example be constructed in wood, aluminum, concrete, stone or mortar. The material you choose is up to you - customize your dream kitchen just the way you want it! Maybe you want the materials to match the house's design, or you might want the outdoor kitchen to blend into the garden in a natural way. No matter what material you go for, it might be good to have the placement of the kitchen in mind. If the outdoor kitchen will be unprotected without a roof, choose a material that fits.

It is also important to make sure that the products you put in your outdoor kitchen are made of durable materials that can withstand the outdoor elements. For this reason, we offer products that are made of 304 SS steel. 304 SS is a resistant steel which is specifically adapted for use outdoors. This type of stainless steel is also non-magnetic, meaning that it will not attract dust and particles, making it exceptionally easy to clean and an excellent choice of material for an outdoor kitchen.

FAQ - How to build an outdoor kitchen

What is an outdoor kitchen?
An outdoor kitchen can be seen as an extension of your kitchen indoors. An outdoor kitchen often consists of a LPG or charcoal grill, cabinets with storage space, counterspace for food preparation and a sink for rinsing vegetables and washing hands while cooking. If you wish to build a more advanced outdoor kitchen you can also add a refrigerator, a pizza oven and a teppanyaki module.

Free-standing or built-in outdoor kitchen?
A free-standing outdoor kitchen is for those of you who want to buy an off-the-shelf, flexible modular solution. We have both complete outdoor kitchen packages ready for immediate use, or you can choose individual items from our free-standing modules and mix and match and put together functions according to your own wishes. DIY - If you would rather build your own outdoor kitchen in the garden, you should be looking at our built-in outdoor kitchens. You design the layout of your outdoor kitchen yourself and choose the material and accessories to suit your own taste and style. In our buying guide and under building an outdoor kitchen we have gathered all the important information you should keep in mind when planning a kitchen outdoors.

What functions should I have in my outdoor kitchen?
Choose functions according to your own wishes. Maybe you want a simple summer kitchen with only a grill and worktops, or a maxed out outdoor kitchen on your patio with a big gasgrill, pizza oven, refrigerator, sink and spacious storage? It’s entirely up to you what you want in your outdoor kitchen and what specifically suits your home.

Are you having trouble visualising the finished result or maybe feel unsure about what outdoor kitchen suits your home? Use our specially adapted 3D-tool which allows you to plan, visualise and build your outdoor kitchen in the correct garden setting. Feel free to contact our customer service if you feel unsure about which outdoor kitchen products to choose or have any other questions - We are here to help!

Which brand should I choose?
When you have decided what type of outdoor kitchen you want it’s time to choose a distributor. For free-standing outdoor kitchens we offer solutions at different price points from Myoutdoorkitchen, Swedish Skeldervik and Belgian Indu+. If you are more interested in a built-in outdoor kitchen you’ll also find highclass solutions from Myoutdoorkitchen Built-in series. In our range you’ll only find outdoor kitchens from specialist and experienced distributors that guarantees quality outdoor kitchens in durable material. You can find more information about our different brands under our brands page.