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You can never go wrong with the classics! Myoutdoorkitchen Stainless Collection is an American inspired range of uniformed free-standing outdoor kitchens in a high-quality 304 stainless steel finish with state-of-the-art technology. The flexible modular system lets you combine all modular units in any way you wish. Choose between more than 15 modules – grills, fridges, storage modules, corner modules, pizza ovens, a sink module and a teppanyaki module – or select one of the outdoor kitchen packages.

Stainless Collection offers packages suitable for every home; choose from different combinations of sizes and shapes to find theoutdoor kitchen that suits you best. The outdoor kitchen modules can be placed in the environment of your choice, to create an incredibly cosy oasis. Enjoy outdoor cooking all year round with an outdoor kitchen of the best quality!

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Up to 10 years of warranty when you select an outdoor kitchen from Stainless Collection!
Myoutdoorkitchen takes pride and firmly stands behind its quality-conscious range, striving to offer sustainable and reliable products. Myoutdoorkitchen's high-quality outdoor kitchens and outdoor kitchen products come with up to 10 years of warranty on selected components* in the Stainless Collection. Read more here!

304 SS Stainless Steel

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15+ modules

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Modules in focus

Stainless Collection - Grill
Stainless Collection - Grill
The grill is often the most important feature in an outdoor kitchen so it’s crucial you choose the one that is right for you! To make your choice easier Myoutdoorkitchen Stainless Collection offers a traditional charcoal grill as well as gas grills with 4 or 6 efficient burners, infrared system and rotisserie. Enjoy delicious barbecues and amazing flavours all year round!
Stainless Collection - Teppanyaki
Stainless Collection - Teppanyaki
Entertain your guests with an impressive culinary display! A teppanyaki grill plate, also known as a flat griddle, is a must for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Teppanyaki is an age-old style of cooking originating in Japan and is fantastic for stir-frying or boiling meat and vegetables.
Stainless Collection - Side burner
Stainless Collection - Side burner
Utilise your outdoor kitchen to the max with a side burner! A side burner opens up a range of fantastic outdoor culinary possibilities where you can boil potatoes or pasta, make hot sauces and cook other delicious side dishes while grilling the main dish.

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