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What does it cost to build and buy an outdoor kitchen? Contact our outdoor kitchen experts at Myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk to get a quote on customised outdoor kitchen solutions tailored to your preferences. We will help you navigate the outdoor kitchen jungle and ensure that the journey from ideas to planning to the final purchase will be smooth sailing. Contact us directly by phone at 02038 087703 or send a quote request for desired outdoor kitchen products via email to info@myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk.

Get a personalised quote by contacting us in two different ways, and we will help you find an outdoor kitchen combination that suits you.
1. You have already chosen outdoor kitchen products and want an exclusive package offer (not applicable to ready-made package offers).
Great that you already know what outdoor kitchen products you want! Here's how to get a personalised offer:

  • Call us directly: 02038 087703 or send an email to: info@myoutoorkitchen.co.uk
  • Write Quote in the subject field.
  • Include the full product name and quantity.
  • Preferably provide your phone number and address so we can reach you to ask questions and provide you with the best possible offer.
For example, write:
  • Stainless Free-standing Outdoor Kitchen Florida 1 piece
  • Stainless Collection - Module with refrigerator and storage cabinet 1 piece
  • Built-in Gas Grill with 6 burners 1 piece
We will get back to you with a personalised offer via email.
2. You need help finding specific outdoor kitchen modules, outdoor kitchens, or outdoor kitchen accessories.
Contact our outdoor kitchen experts:

  • Phone: 02038 087703
  • Email: info@myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk
Together, we will help you find the outdoor kitchen products that suit your needs and requirements.
Please explain in as much detail as possible what kind of outdoor kitchen you are looking for.
By providing us with important information, our outdoor kitchen experts can tailor an offer that suits you.

  • Desired colour of the outdoor kitchen: stainless steel or anthracite black?
  • Modules:What functions are important to you in your outdoor kitchen? For example, sink, grill, refrigerator, pizza oven, etc.
  • Arrangement: How do you want the outdoor kitchen modules to be placed? Rank the placement from left to right.
  • Dimensions: How much space is available? Do you want an L- or U-shaped configuration with corner modules?
  • Protective Cover: Do you want a custom-made cover for your outdoor kitchen?
  • Accessories: Are you interested in additional accessories for your outdoor kitchen? For example, pizza oven, pizza stone, chopping boards, grill accessories or cast iron cooking plates
  • Budget: Do you have an approximate idea of how much you are willing to invest?
  • Other: Are there any other specific requirements?
Please note that the quote is based on market prices. You can see the validity period of the quote and your total savings on the offer. Make sure to order your outdoor kitchen products within the specified timeframe to take advantage of your personalised offer.

Have you tried drawing your outdoor kitchen with our unique 3D tool?
Have you tried drawing your outdoor kitchen with our unique 3D tool?
Here, you can plan and draw your dream outdoor kitchen easily. Once you are satisfied with your design, you are just at the touch of a button away from requesting a quote for the outdoor kitchen you have drawn. To start planning your outdoor kitchen, click here.

If you have any questions about outdoor kitchens, feel free to contact us at Myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk via phone 02038 087703 or email info@myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk
Buy an outdoor kitchen from Myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk and have it delivered to another country.
Did you know that you can also have your outdoor kitchen delivered to your vacation home?
When you purchase an outdoor kitchen from Myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk, you can choose to have it delivered to another country, such as your vacation home in Spain.

Contact our customer service at 02038 087703 or email info@myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk for more information or read more here.

We deliver outdoor kitchens to the following countries: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands. Find more information about outdoor kitchen delivery to Spain and other countries.
Buy an outdoor kitchen from Myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk and have it delivered to another country.

Buying an outdoor kitchen

Are you in search of the perfect outdoor kitchen for your outdoor space? Finding the right outdoor kitchen can be challenging, considering the many factors involved in planning an outdoor kitchen. The most important thing is to purchase an outdoor kitchen that suits your preferences and needs, whether it's about size, features, or design, to complement your home and garden in the best possible way.

At myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk you will find everything you need to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen for your patio. If you find it difficult to choose or if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact our outdoor kitchen experts , and we will guide you through our wide range of outdoor kitchens in various models and colours. Choose between black or stainless steel outdoor kitchens, modules for free-standing outdoor kitchens, built-in outdoor kitchens to build yourself. We offer different types of grills, side burners, pizza ovens and other outdoor kitchen products that enhance your grilling experience.

Discover our amazing package offers on free-standing outdoor kitchens at great prices! Explore our range of complete solutions for built-in and free-standing outdoor kitchens below: